Corinne J 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air Impala 2dr Sport Coupe

No motorcycle in Sturgis

I live in Washington but I'm from Sturgis, South Dakota. My family still lives there. I ride motorcycles but this trip wasn't about motorcycles. I usually go home every year in the summer, but that year it was about seeing Grandpa. He was the only one that saw my '58 Chevy as an investment. My husband thought it was foolish to buy it but I love my car. So I loaded it up with clothes, tools, fishing gear and golf clubs and headed to Sturgis. I saw beautiful scenery along the way. Best of all, I got to see Grandpa and play golf with him one last time. His health started to fail, he was 90 then. I went back in the summer every year since then but that was the last time we golfed together. The trip back to Washington wasn't nearly as good as the trip to South Dakota, I lost a hub cap crossing the Snake River and I lost my engine climbing a grade out of Clarkston, Washington, but it was still the best trip because I got to golf with Grandpa!

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