Dawn C 1972 Chevrolet Impala Kingswood 4dr Station Wagon

Nashville or Bust

Coming from a family of classic car traders one can only imagine my reaction to a trip to Nashville with my brother and a friend to tag along in a hand me down station wagon. My grandfather's modified mileage getter, a baby blue ( but faded ) straight six, it's appearance resembled that of a missile launcher. He had changed the drive train but not the suspension.

We threw a mattress in the back for the overnight trip and headed out. The mission to buy a few classic rust free cars and head right back. Our only entertainment, an Aerosmith ( Toys in the Attic ) 8 track that played over and over all the way. We had only "car" money with us and ate out of vending machines. The looks we got on the expressway were priceless.

The journey led to an awesome adventure, involving a 75 Cutlass Supreme, the Nashville police Dept. and Greyhound Bus Lines. Details best left for another time ( prefer a campfire ) but I will only declare after decades traveling the country scouting out the best of deals, Grandpa's station wagon is the most memorable. Wish I had a picture to share.

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