Richard L 1953 Ford F-100 1/2 Ton 2dr Panel Truck


This story is about my 1937 Ford Flat Bed$632,00. Black with 85 hp flat head v-8 engine, 3speed transmission. with heater. Had flat bed with cartle racks around the sides. Rear fenders set under the bed.. not on the outside like the box style bed.. My grandpa got his leg cut off below the knee in a sawmill accident at the age of 26. He had a would peg leg made to help him walk and stand.. My grandpa and grandma would raise a large garden and when harvest come they would load the truck and travel down 1/2 ton pic up.. My grandpa "Peg Leg Joe Lilly" bought it new in 1937 for many different roads to sale products.. Right off the back of the old flat bed. They would remove the batttery on Saturday night and take it into the house, hook it up to the old victrola and listen to the Grande Ole Opry live from Nashville.. When my grandpa passed away he then passed this truck down to my Dad. My Dad was a mechanic and had is on garage where he worked on everyones car.. During this time Roy Rodgers was the famous show on TV and he had a jeep on the show name Nelly Belle.. One day my Dad's friend and my Dad were making a parts run to town.. His friend said lets just take old Nelly Belle.. From they day forward that was this trucks name.. Everyone in my Dad's family had driven this truck.. Sad to say my Unlce was driving this truck back in the day and a man walked out in front of him and was hit and killed.. My Dad changed the flat bed and made a box inside so he could haul things.. I remember as a kid sorting thru bolts, metal, batteries, all kinds of scrap to take to the salvage yard to get a little extra money.. As a kid I remember going with Dad to see how much money it would bring.. My older brother worked for my Dad in the garage and at the age of 18 my Dad passed it down to him.. One day a man came by and traded my brother a 265 v8 engine out of a 56 chevy for the flat head.. They bored this engine out to 283 and installed adapter plate leaving original running gear.. My brother then was drafted into the Air Force in 1969 and spent 26 year in the military.. The truck set in the garage and was started at random times. My brother retired from the Air Force and moved to N.C.. Eleven years ago before my Dad passed away he took Nelly Belle and got it going, all legal, running great,. My brother came and hauled it to N.C, First time it had been out of state. He didn't drive it much and it set alot outside.. The engine got water in it and locked up.. The bed was rusting alot due to being outside.. My brother wife passed away and he gave it to his step daughter and her husband.. I had wanted this truck all thru my teen age years. Finally, about four years ago they called me from Georgia and ask me if i wanted the truck.. And I said. yes, for about 30 years.. They brought me the truck in a box trailer.. When they pulled up in the driveway my Dad's old buddy was standing there and when the door raised he said: Theres old Nelly Belle".. He then told me the story I shared on how he was the one that help give it this name We unloaded it and beging working on it.. Installed new engine, running boards, rear fenders, and flat diamond plate bed..I'm now the proud owner of this master piece and it never left our family since 1937.. I enjoy driving it.. I have four sons and its going to be tough on who will take over when I pass it down.. I sing gospel music and I take this truck to various churchs. They love seeing this old truck roll in.. If this truck could talk what stories it would tell me. So thankfu for I have it and cherish it.. When I die my request is not to put me in a hearse but on the back of this old flat bed and be taken to my final resting place by Nelly Belle.. Thanks for letting me share this story,

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