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(My wife asked) What is a classic car for ?

At 13 via 1970's From the Front of a Yellow School Bus all the kids in the back were screaming & making all kinds of hooting & I wondering why ? Ran to the back of the Bus to see a Black Trans Am Bandit (Tops off) Revving it's engine so so close to the back of the bus & than back off ~ Trans-Am purposely Prowling (Kids were going crazy) I being one of the kids thought (Oh when I grow up) As it roared like a Glass-pack Bandit passing the Bus With violent Manuel shift tones & tire squeals ~ Now At 40 + I finally got my wish bought my 1979 one of few Hurst Manuel shift Daytona 500 silver bird ~ It's been 1 year in the Garage (Soft drives at best) Watched over like a blue chip stock (Afraid to drive it should it break) & one day finally came for the need to get it lubed with a good drive (so off I went) & It wasn't till the Open road Silver Anniversary T-tops off hitting 4rth gear at a 90 MPH smooth glide on a rural black-top road alone wind in my hair (When it hit me) through Deja -Vu as the above memory had all been long forgotten ...That is what my life's work was for (As if the circle had come complete) & That's when you know What a Classic car is for ... Theodore Charles Kardos

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