Michael B

My nose and my childhood memories

As a young boy growing up in Schenectady, New York in the sixties I have many fond memories of what I now consider the "good old days". Yes the days when a kid could go to the local park all day and get together with your friends for a pickup game of baseball, basketball or just go swimming in the city pool. Your only worry was making sure you were home in time for dinner. Little did I know that I was living in not only a much simpler time but also smack dab in the middle of the Muscle Car error. I remember sitting in my brothers 1966 Chevelle making engine sounds and pretending to shift gears. I couldn't see over the dash and barely out the side windows but boy I was living large. I still remember seeing the numbers written on the side window of his car from his latest outing at the local drag strip. I had bragging rights, I was the man, not one of my friends had anything even close to brag about. Lastly I remember that car having a certain smell about it, a Muscle car smell. Sounds funny but anyone who lived during that time would understand. Almost fifty years have gone by and I often have those childhood memories renewed when I go to local cars shows, scout out any and all 1966 Chevelles and lean in to take a peek at the interior. And yes I do take a deep breath....simpler times. I now have my very own 1966 Chevelle and hope it too will trigger someone's childhood memories. Oh that Muscle car smell!

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