Michael C 1967 Chevrolet Camaro 2dr Convertible

My hot '64 Impala

I had this '64 Impala 327 / 4 spd. with a Posi. back in '69. It was the quickest and most fun to drive car I ever had. It had a Hurst shifter, and it was set up perfect. I could it drive "all day" without using the Clutch except at Stop sign, and starting out. It also had a "Full Race" Crane solid lifter cam, so it ran some awesome RPM's. It would over-wind the Pressure plate. I remember one time, when I tore the Rear-end out of it, due to a little "abuse", LOL! When I pulled the Drive-shaft, the front Spline on the Driveshaft was twisted an 1/8 turn. That car had some awesome power for the day. Loved the way it idled. I used to shift often at 55, 75, and 105.

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