Christina W

My first drive

When my sister got her driver's license my aunt bought her a 1973 candy apple red Mustang convertible. This car was in mint condition and I was in envy of her for it. One day while I was out and about with my sister, she pulls the car over on a back road and says "You want to drive?" I was 14 at the time and was in total awe of my sister. She had become my hero with that one question!!! So without a thought my answer was YES! And even though I only drove the car for about 2 miles, the passion for classic fast cars was instant. I can and always will remember that it had a 351 Cleveland with an automatic transmission. When I turned 16 my sister was selling the car and because my parents realized that I would drive it fast, so "for my own safety" they would not let me buy it from her.

I will forever remember how awesome that day, my first time behind the wheel, was !!

If I ever find this car again, I have vowed I will purchase it and restore it to the memory I had with it

Christina Walsh

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