Jim S 1965 Pontiac GTO

My first car

I had 2 older brothers growing up...I remember when I was 14-15' they had a 66 nova SS in our garage working on it...one brother had a 65 mustang fastback, maroon in color, he had bought new mag wheels for it, I recall wonder why change the wheels? All their friends had muscle cars...mustangs with the shaker hood scoop w 428 cobra jet, roadrunner, gtx w 440 six PAC, camaro's, even a 4 dr ford galaxy with a monster 427. So, at a very young age I was getting educated on muscle cars. At age 15, I was working in my friends dad's body shop and before my 16th birthday...in comes a 65 Pontiac GTO that the engine had caught on fire and with no air cleaner it had burnt the hood. I bought this car for $350! The engine had zero damage. It simply backfired and caught fire. We repainted the entire car. Added different tires and wheels. This was my first of many muscle cars growing up, but the one that stands out the most. So, my very first car a gleaming dark blue with extra metallic added, chrome rear wheels w L-60-15's, chromes on the front. 4 speed 389. White interior.

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