Donald N 1951 Ford Custom Deluxe 4dr Sedan

My first car, a powder blue, 1951 Ford

My first car was a powder blue 1951 Ford Tudor that I bought in 1956 for $275.

I had earned the money caddying at the local country club. It was my pride and joy.

One day, on the way home from high school, I saw my sister and her girlfriend walking home.

I stopped to offer them a ride. They got in, my sister sat next to me and her friend Sue sat by the door.

I had never met Sue, so my sister introduced us. It was love at first site.

Unfortunately, being very young, Sue and I didn’t end up together.

But I never lost my love for that powder blue ‘51 Ford and those memories.

In 2008, I saw one just like it on-line and new I had to have it.

This one was a Fordor but it was so perfect I bought it anyway.

The first year I had it, it won first place in a local classic car show.

Here is a picture of the car and me driving into the show.

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