Tom M 1940 ford 2dr.sedan

My first 40 ford 2dr.sedan

I was 15 , had a paper route ,for a year while delivering , I past this cool old 40 ford , 2 dr. Sedan

The year is 1957-58 . At least every week , maybe two weeks I had to walk by this

car , after six months or so , I finally asked if the car was for sale , I was always told

( NO ) I don't know how many times I was rejected , needless to say I was disappointed

but I was persistent , didn't bother me none I had to walk by this house every day , to

And from delivering papers . My 16th birthday was coming up , march 1st 1959 and I

Was wanting a car , I had a beautiful girl friend , I needed wheels to tool around .

After much pestering , the 40 ford owner gave up , sold the car to me for 75.00

Dollars , almost all my earnings from my paper route , but it was worth it , I was

In Heaven , my girl friend approved , so off we drove , school , drive -ins , the lake

Burger shops , oh what fun . 40 Fords forever , .....Tom Moody

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