Tom H 1936 Pontiac Silverstreak slantback

My car is for me....

I built this 36' Pontiac 2dr sedan for myself. I wanted to make it "MY" car. No rules and build it to fit my budget. I get a lot of parts from that free website found in every town. I love the hunt for parts. That is the glory for me. I like to find what I am looking for at great deals and make them work for my project. As for this car I bought a full 85' vette for $300 and stripped the suspension out of it and sold what was left for $535 Smoking deal I must say.. As for the motor I found a Brand new never started LS2 with a 5 speed trans on the net for $900 again another deal. as for the rest of the car. I found other great deals on Fleebay I started the car build in Oct. of 2013 and had it all street legal and on the road in Feb. of 2014. I took it to the Goodguys Arizona carshow and entered it in the Autocross. It sure was a blast to drive. It caught a bunch of attention from it's old vintage looks but what most people didn't known was the beast of a power train it had under it. I did win the Hotrod class with it. and beat many other Muscle cars by the times I put down. So all in all my best Memory with it was all the comments I got from all the people that admired it that weekend at the carshow. It is great to chat with other car guys that love there cars.


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    Dennis Niagara Fall NY July 14, 2014 at 11:46
    I've ridden in this, Its a blast......
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    Mark Mesa, AZ July 15, 2014 at 19:24
    During one of Tom's runs at the Goodguys autocross I rode as a passenger. Tom's 36 was very impressive. As a matter of fact I took the photo above with after he won. I think Tom owes me for the photo shoot :).
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    tom mesa az July 16, 2014 at 17:24
    Guess I owe you another ride mark???

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