Allison G

My Grandfather's Memory

Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved my grandfathers 1957 Buick Roadmaster. As far back as I can remember, he always told me the car would be mine one day. Unfortunately, that day came far too quickly for me. I lost my grandfather to cancer in April of 2013. Although I was able to spend 26 years with him, it was not long enough. Since his passing, my husband and I have the car. We have been taking it to local car shows and car cruises since late last summer (Weather permitting). Recently, we registered the '57 in a local car show that my grandfather had always taken the car too. My grandmother told me "don't be disappointed if you don't win..your grandfather never received a trophy at that show." You see, not many shows around us do judging at shows, so being this was one of the first to be judged that we have been to since my grandfathers' passing, I wasn't expecting to win. (Don't get me wrong..we have won many awards for the car over the years but this was a tough show :) ) As we stood there during the awards, sweating from the hot summer sun, I hear mine and my husbands' name being called! We took 3rd place in our class at this car show. There were 285 cars that attended this show so to me, this was HUGE! I immediately started crying because I knew my grandfather was there with me that day. This is just the most recent memory with my grandfathers car..I can go on and on, but just knowing this was the first show we were at without him (that was judged), a show he never won at, and we placed 3rd, means everything to me. I know how proud he was that day, and still is :) I am looking forward to making new memories in the 1957 but my favorite memories will always be the one I spent with my grandfather. God, I miss him :(

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