Hal B 1956 Chevrolet 210 4dr Sedan

My First

In 1974 my family went on a vacation to French Lick Indiana then to Texas. I was bound and determined to find a 55 – 57 chevy to bring home. I was 16. My father said if we find one, you drive it home. I brought my lawn mowing money I had earned over the past summer and spring, it totaled 600.00. When we got to French Lick on the outskirts of town was a used car lot. Dokes’ used cars, and out front was a 1956 chevy four door 210 sedan. It was silver and white with a 235 6 cylinder 3 on the tree. It was love at first sight. Well needless to say, I wanted it now. But we still had a whole 10 days on our trip; Texas was still on the horizon. To make a long story short we did not find a chevy worthy of overpowering the 56. On our way back…if it was still there I was going to purchase the 56. It was still there, the purchase was made…572.00 tax and license. First thing I had to do was learn the clutch. “Nothing like on the job training.” It took a bit but the idea of not getting it home until I learned was a great incentive. When I drove it home we had to stop at a gas station to fill it up, that is when I found out the gas inlet was behind the taillight. The gas attendant was a young boy like me and he didn’t know, but an older man came out and lets us know how stupid we were and showed us, but at the same time a bunch of hornets shot out from the gas door and the 3 of us ran scared. So we had to get the nest out of the rear taillight. The rest of the trip was uneventful except for the horrible gas mileage. Once we got it home, I found 6 acorns stuffed down in the carburetor. Gas mileage solved. This car has now been in my life for the past 40 years. It now has a 383 stroker with tri-power, 4 speed and 12 bolt posie rear-end out of a 69 camaro. The posie and trannie came out of a totaled 69 Camaro back in 1977. It still has a silver and white paint job from 1980. Interior is a Delray interior I had made for a four door. I still cruise and drive it from show to show. Still my first car!

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