John B 1949 MG TC 2dr Roadster

My First Ride in a Sports Car

I was just a kid back in the sixties ...maybe 14 or 15. I would stay with my uncle in Pompano Beach, Florida during the Summer break. While visiting his friend Bob, I was introduced to his daughter who was a flight attendant. She showed me her MG and offered to take me for a ride in it. "Sure", I answered. It was a perfect Florida evening and the MG's top was down and I couldn't have been more excited. On one part of the drive, as we were approaching a sharp 90 degree left turn, I just knew we were going to run off the road. That didn't happen! In fact, the car took the curve with grace and ease. From that moment on, I was hooked! With that experience forever in my head, I knew I would consider a sports car for my first car. It actually turned out to be an MGA. The lesson, here, is to take a kid for a ride when you have the opportunity.

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