Thomas S Sebring Satellite 1970's

My First Date and Classic Car

My older Bro had joined the Navy in 1976, He had purchased a Sebring Satellite, Red, Bucket Seats , Black Interior, fast Fast fast, was this ride and he allowed me to take it out on dates as long as I kept it Clean, So I would detail this car weekly just to impress this local Girl, whom eventually would become my wife, I remember Cruising Gratiot down to the Gratiot Drive In..

What I remember the most about the ride was the Speedometer went up to 150MPH , I don't believe that I ever pushed it to the limit though I'm fairly sure that it did go over the speed posted limits a few times.

This was a great time to be a Teenager and to this Day I remind my Brother how Cool I was because of bios generosity, Oh By the way, My girlfriend used to complain about the Cherry Car freshener hanging on the rear view mirror, But Hey, I was interested in her and being able to cruise .. Fun Times for sure, Now I own my own Classic 1980 C-3 Corvette and its our joy to ride to car shows and parades.

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