Thomas V 1970 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

My First Corvette

It is 1981, A friend tells me about this corvette sitting in his friends garage. I take a ride over and there it sits a 1970 convertible 350/350 4spd with air no power steering or brakes, 56k miles. Car hasn't been run in a few years thy are not sure if they really want to sell it. I bring my dad over to take a look and he calls a friend who races a 67 on road courses. He and my dad take a look and he tells my dad "4000 is a little high but if you are not interested let me know." I take my life savings, lol, 2k and an IOU to my dad and we buy it the next day. We tow it home, charge the battery throw some gas in the carb and it starts right up..what a sound..well 33 years, 1 wife, two kids, two houses, and a 20 year work in progress, later I still have her. Just got my new historic plates..ready for summer cruuusing..if I can only find some time around these baseball games..LOL. Thank you

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