james s 1970 Chevrolet Impala 2dr Convertible

My First Classic

I always wanted a 1970 Impala but money never gave the opportunity to do so. We started young, with marriage and 2 kids by 21 years old. I played a game with the kids, telling them that "Mom can read minds" and would whisper in their ears an object that was bigger than a bread box. The object was always a 1970 Impala. When they asked Mom, she always knew what it would be and they were amazed.Time passed and I looked at several 1970 Impalas, but all were in need of major cash. I saw a convertible and the guy had hung new skins on it but lost interest in it. If there was a basket case this was truly it. He wanted 3500 and I balked, saying no. That night the wife and I spoke at length of the car but I ended saying he was crazy.-see attached photos-and that was that. It was a week later that , on my birthday, she presented me with an old cigar box. Inside were a set of keys and an envelope. I did not understand, until she told me the flatbed truck was due within minutes. She went behind my back, and being the shrewd haggler she is, told the guy " 1500 today, tomorrow I won't want it" and bought this do it yourself nightmare.I looked at it and kept thinking this will be a monument to my never getting this done. Ahh, but in 8 months, with diligence and fortitude I pulled out of the driveway for the first time. This was 1997, and I still drive the car today. I own others now but the 1970 Impala is my first true love, as well as the first model car I ever owned. I even proposed to my wife in our 1970 Impala 2 door custom, in 1979. I miss that car too. Well that is just part of my story, what's yours?

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