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My First Classic Car

My favorite classic car memory would have to be the whole experience with my 1970 Jeepster Commando.

I had just graduated from college, always loved cars, and was looking for something old and affordable to finally call my own. That's when I found a "1973 Jeep Custom Wagoneer" online, thought it was cool and went to check it out.

The Jeep was being kept in a hangar at a small airport, so when I went to see it, my first test drive was up and down a 5,000 foot runway! Everything seemed to be good, so I paid the guy and drove it home.

Now that she was parked in my garage, I started doing more research online - and the more I researched, the more I figured out that there was no possible way this vehicle was a "Custom Wagoneer," and that there was also no way this vehicle was a 1973 model. From everything I had read online, I determined my vehicle was a Jeepster Commando somewhere between a 1967 and a 1972 model.

So one day a few months later, after coming home from work early because of a bad snow storm, I began to look for any numbers, tags, stickers, or anything on the vehicle that might give me an idea of what my Jeepster really was. That's when I saw inside the door jamb what looked to be an outline of a sticker that had long ago been painted over. After about two hours of carefully rubbing on the sticker with some paint remover, I uncovered the original VIN sticker which had the original VIN, and the date of manufacture listed as "November 1970."

To make the story even better, I eventually found the sequential serial number stamped on the frame, and it matched what was on the VIN sticker. And then to make things even better than that, the DMV confirmed that the vehicle was not a stolen one! Apparently at some point someone had abandoned this Jeep with no title, and then when someone finally put it on the road again they just used an old title from a Jeep Wagoneer that they had laying around.

I just recently sold the old Jeep to start venturing in to other types of classic cars. But as my first classic that was with me for the purchase of my first house, my marriage, and then the purchase of my first home together with my wife, that 1970 Jeepster Commando will always hold a special place in my heart.

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