Steve M 1941 Packard Series 120 2dr Touring Sedan

My First Car

I was 14 years old and my neighbor Julius who lived down the road had a 1941 Packard 120. It was painted Battleship gray and didn't look so good. Julius use to pull out tree stumps with the car. I had some money and asked him how much did he want for the car. He said, 150.00. I worked any kind of job to raise the money; at 14 it was hard to find a job. Spring time came and I had $150.00. I bought the Packard. I spent the next 4 years restoring it. My father and I did the body work and had it painted its original color black. The back rear fender was a little rippled. The first night I took the car out someone backed into it and ended up paying to repair it, thus no more ripples. At the age of 17 I worked for a machine shop and had all of the bumpers re-cromed . What a car, my friends and my future wife had a lot of fun. I did get pulled over several times by the police but, they just wanted to see the car. I took the cars to weddings and all the events I could go to. Going down the New York State Thruway the car still could move, it had a straight eight engine. People would honk their horns as I passed them. In 1971 I needed a family car and sold it to pay for a new car. I hope the person who lived in Lake Oscawana N.Y. had as much enjoyment as I did In my youth. PS the serial number never matched what was on the registration!

Steve Makkay

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