Terry W 1957 Chevrolet Series 3100 1/2 Ton 2dr Chassis & Cab

My Dads Old 57 Pickup

My Dad bought his truck brand new in 57 for around $2100.00 I still have the paper work showing he had to pay around $200.00 extra for the heater and the AM radio. The truck didn't come stock with these items at the time which back then that $2100.00 wasn't just peanuts. He handed me down the truck a threw years before he passed away. And I drove it a little at first

But as time went by the 57 ended up in my garage. So she sit for about 10 years and as you know and as I found out the costly way that its not good to let one sit and collect dust.

So recently I decided to get her out and going again which ended up costing me lets say more than the $2100.00 Ha. But it was well wroth it cause when I get out driving her I can sure turn some heads and get the thumb's up she still looks brand new. That 265 V-8 is one strong pulling engine dad used to load her down and pull those hills with no problem 3 on the column just drop her down a gear and keep on trucking. So don't let them sit get them out and enjoy diving them show them off. Brings me great memories I Love driving her. And I'm glad to have her Insured with Hagerty. Keep On Driving Them .

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