vincent B

My Dads Family Wagon

I was about 9 years old , and i remember my Dads Beige and wood panel Dodge Monaco/Polara Wagon, with the added Radio Shack rear compartment upper hanging radio speakers, he would call it Big Boy, my younger brother and myself loved to ride in the hide away 3rd roll seats, we use to wave at the other mortorist, and especially wave at the Hells Angeles when ever Dad took us on a road trip down highway 101 from San Francisco Ca to where ever he decided to pulled over , we did frequent the S.F Airport, just to sit in that wagon and watch the Airplans take off, i can remember putting on our pajamas, for the trip to the Geneva Drive in also located in San Francisco ca for Family Night at the movies, my dad loved that wagon, and so did we, it was 6 of us plus Mom and Dad, i also remember getting car sick on super long trips , like when we would drive Big Boy to Yazoo Mississipi, Gary Indiana, and Detroit michican, to Visit both sides of the family, i always loved Big Boy and i'll always love my Dad Willie Berry, So it ain't no surprise that i have always wanted a station wagon, it is in my blood, i now own a 2005 Dodge Magum R/T Wagon with only 52k on the engine , this is my 3rd wagon, and my children love it and the highway I-5 drives to where ever i decide to pull over, and i have continued with the pajama ritual, for Family Night at the West Winds Drive IN, here in Sacramento Ca, i haven't driven her to Mississippi or Detroit yet, but i do enjoy the Drive to San Francisco to Visit my Mom, and my siblings, Miss you Dad , and trying to keep up the tradition, so like Jim morrison said ----Just Roll Baby Roll

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