Teresa H 1952 Chevy Belair

My Dad

What’s your best memory in a classic car?

My memory in a classic car is going to car shows with my dad. My dad purchased and restored a car like he drove when he & my mom dated a 1952 Chevy Belair 2 door hard top. He did all the body work, interior. The motor is the original motor inline 6 with power glide transmission. He also restored some VW's for his 3 daughters and my mom. Mine was a 1968 semi automatic VW. Anyway, we knew my dad's health wasn't great a few years ago, but he drove the car, went to cruise night with me, went to car shows together. Two years ago he got really sick, we knew then it was Lewey Body Dementia. Last year he would let me drive the car. I am the only family member that was trusted to drive the car (not even my mom or brother). It was fun him teaching me to start out in low then change to drive as we got started and let me tell you there is no power steering in this car. I would take him to car shows or just go to shows for him because he wasn't up to sitting there all day, so I would take the car for him. My fondest and favorite memory is going to him one night last year asking for the keys to the car to go to cruise night, can you imagine being 50 years of age asking your dad for the keys to the car and him giving me a curfew to have it back. We got the biggest laugh out of this.

My dad just passed away 2 weeks ago, June 30. He and my mom would have been married 57 years in November. My family gave me the 1952 Chevy so it would stay in the family and I'm the only that ever got to drive it.

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