JOHN R 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Convertible

My Car died on the way to a convention in an IL toll both

As I was driving from Wi to Nashville TN ,to a VCCA Convention , it was a 90 degree day. I had to go south thru IL ,I was on the toll way & stopped for a toll booth, then it died. They put cones behind me & divertetd traffic for over 1/2 hour.I ground the battery dead . Finally the said move it , they pushed it to the side . In these old Powerglides you can push them to start them. A semi offered to push me but his bumper was inches away from breaking my tail lights, but he tried, the push was uphill , but it did not start. He left & my wife pushed me back down the hill to get out of traffic. I called for roadside service. After waiting for a while for them to arrive, I asked cars parked in the area if they had jumper cables . One man did so we jumped the 6 volt battery with a 12 volt car , and it started. I drove it the rest of the way with no problems. Since then it has made many convention and parades , Also drove Tom Bosley & Marion Ross in the Fonzie happy day celebration in Milwaukee WI .

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