Richard H 1956 Chevrolet 210 2dr Hardtop Coupe

My Birthday classic car surprise

Twenty-three years ago, while taking my then teenage daughter to a nearby friend's home to visit, I spotted what looked like a 1956 chevy parked next to someone's garage. A few days later, I passed the same home, and the garage door was open and the homeowner was inside working on a Pontiac. I asked him if that was a 56 chevy next to the garage. He said Yes, and I asked if I could see the car. Anyway, when he opened the side door, I was shocked to see a 56 chevy 210 sport coupe (very rare) no post. Even though the paint was faded and cracked, the tires were cracked, the springs on the upholestry was worn and the springs on the seats were sticking out, the car was lowered in the rear, had skirts on the rear, I fell in love with the car. I asked the owner if the car was for sale, and he said Yes. I could see that he was a car guy by the fact that he had some 14 old cars on the property. I asked why he was only selling the 56 chevy, and he told me, because he did't drive stick shift. Now I was really interested because the car was a v8 with the original three on the tree. Needless to say, I went home and told my wife. She knew I was excited and only said, we'll see what we can do. I figured that was the end of that, and since we had just finished raising 4 children, the money was tight. Anyway, I still thought about the chevy and passed that house often to see if the car was still there. Several weeks passed and one day, I drove past the house and the chevy was gone. What a disappointment, I figured the gentleman had sold the car.A few more weeks passed, and on my Birthday, I went to my brother-in-laws home for dinner with my family. I went inside and greeted everyone, was talking to family members. A few minutes later, my children came inside and told me to come outside to the driveway for they had something to show me. They were all lined up on one side with their friends (they had many friends), and they were blocking my view of something. They all yelled SURPRISE!, moved aside and there was the 56 chevy. At that point I fell apart. I still have the 56 chevy after 23 years and drive it often. During all this time, the engine has been replaced, all the body work was done,painted, new springs, transmission rebuilt (same three speed, new interior, new wide whitewalls and many accessories. Many of which came from friends, swapmeets and some newones. My children are all married and I have 13 grandchildren and they all love the chevy and me. Note* I can't include a picture because I don't know how to transmit it. I do have many pictures at home and I go to many car shows,parades, and cruises in the area.

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