Dan L

My 59 Impala

In 1962 I was 17 and I worked in My fathers Skelly gas station in Duluth,Mn. My mothers uncle had a used car lot and I would wash his cars for a few extra Bucks. I saw a white 59 Chev Impala 2dr. Hardtop and I fell in love. It had a red interior with a 348 and three two barrell carbs with progresive linkage. To top it off it had lake pipe cut offs behind the front wheels. I worked out a deal with my parents and my Mom's uncle. I drove that car for 5 years and shared alot of memories in it. My first girlfreind,drag racing on at 2 am on out law roads and working on it. I think the rear window was as large at the roof. I often wonder what happened to it, as many guys do.. That car made me love classics and I just finished a frame off 68Camaro at age 68. I worry about the furure of classics as I see the under 50's males do not have the interest. I guess because the classics are the cars we grew up with.

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