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My 1977 olds toronado was in a movie

I purchased my car from my friend art goodman in early 2002. It belonged to his dad who passed away in 1997 who bought it in 1978. Sadly art passed away in april 2002 at the young age of 55 so I dedicate this story to him and his dad. The car is in very good condition today with less than 30000 original miles. In the spring of 2007 a movie was filmed in flint and at the michigan state fairgrounds called semi-pro with Will Ferrell. Among many others they hired my car and it can be seen in a background setting as Will gets out of his car. The story takes place in the 1970s thus the reason for cars of that era. I or should I say my car was paid the huge sum of $183.13 for two 12 hour shifts at the fairgrounds. But it was fun to participate to see how a movie was made. I also served as an extra in the movie in a crowd scene coming out of a basketball game. Thanks to hagerty for having that gas offer today in birmingham. Many great cars there today. Also I just recently purchased another car on my bucket list. It is a 1985 lincoln mark vii with under 32000 original miles and have them both insured with hagerty. regards pat

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