Lee M 1965 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

Movie car spooks locals

I purchased the 1965 Mustang convertible that had been used for stunts in the Chuck Norris movie "Invasion USA" from a field in south Georgia. I used the same technique to restore the car that is used on concours show cars. There was one major deviation, all the modifications and damage to the Mustang by the movie studio were preserved. It was stripped to a basic unibody, primed and painted. The interior was restored, a new top, all the mechanicals and engine were refurbished. The bullet holes, dents, scrapes, broken headlight, tie down cables for the actors and bent sheet metal were faithfully restored. The objective was for the Mustang to appear exactly as it looked the day the movie finished shooting. We drove the car in parades, on a CHVA tour to Viriginia Beach and to many Mustang Shows.

The best memory of the car was a trip to McDonalds with my wife and kids to get ice cream. We pulled into an empty parking place next to a Honda with four guys in it. We went in and looked back out the window. The guys in the Honda were looking at the large bullet holes, dents with black marks, missing hubcap, gesturing and talking back and forth. The Honda cranked up and moved to the other end of the parking lot. They did not know what that Mustang was all about, but wanted no part of it.

Good Times

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