Jeffrey K 1968 Chevy Camaro

Motion Sweet

My friend had ordered a1968 396-375HP 4 Speed Camaro. Somewhere in transit the car got messed up. The chevy dealer offered him a Camaro he had on the lot. It was also a brand new 396 Camaro but only a 325HP 396. My friend took the car but was really not crazy about the cars performance. He took the car to Motion Performance in Baldwin NY where he had the car upgraded with a crane cam,edelbrock intake manifold,hooker headers,and a three barrel holley carb. He also added a 4.10 gear set and a competition suspension with traction bars. WOW!!!! Talk about waking a car up performance wise!!! Also the sound that car made when he went through the gears was out of this world. Sweet Motion Music. I will never forget the sound of that car!!!!!!!!

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