Elizabeth B 1961 Chevy Nomad station wagon

Montana......or bust!

My father's 1961 Chevy Nomad station wagon was delivered two weeks after the birth of his seventh child, April 24th 1961. We needed the extra room, and the car had plenty of that with the rear facing third seat.

In 1964 seven of us embarked on a family road trip from Cumberland, MD to Glasgow, Montana to visit my older sister and her husband, who was stationed there at the Air Force base. With the rear seat folded down, my father had a special mattress made so we younger children could sleep and play in that area (no seat belts or car seats in those days). My mother sewed curtains for the side rear windows.

My parents and older brother were the only drivers. We drove for days, stopping to view Lake Michigan in Chicago, driving through Minneapolis/ St. Paul in the middle of the night. We drove through endless prairie in the Midwest, sometimes not seeing another car for more than an hour. I remember the desolation of the Badlands and the grandeur of Mt. Rushmore on the return trip home. For a young preteen it was quite the adventure.

My father always loved the car and kept it until he sold it to my husband and me in 2013. My husband is a "car guy" and couldn't bear the thought of it being sold outside the family. My dad died in March of 2014 at the age of 96.

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