Mom's first spin in 40+ years

When I was about 13, my Mom finally got her drivers license again. She was despearate to re-learn how to drive but out of my 7 other brothers and sisters, only my 2 brothers were able to teach her. She bugged them day after day but they wanted to keep working on their muscle cars. So she went a long time without getting behind the wheel.

One day, she wanted one of my brothers to go to the store for her but he was under the car busy with tranny work. He told her to take his car, A BEAUTIFUL red 69 Chevelle.

He also yelled at me to go with her! I was like," no way! She hasnt driven in forever! You go!" Well, being the youngest of 8, I quickly lost that battle.

So i grabbed my best friend J, from next door to take the ride. She too was scared to go but I talked her into it. Our friendship always worked that way. We were each others "wingmen" at an early age.

So, we got in the car and headed right for the backseat. We figured it gave us the best chance to live should we get in an accident. My mom was the only one excited, we were nervous. As she was backing out of the driveway, ready to embark on the 6 block ride to the store, my brother came running down the driveway and told her to stop!

He then handed me and J his NHRA full face racing helmets.

Did we have a great laugh! Even my mother smiled and laughed. The picture of 2 young girls in full helmets in the backseat of a beautiful Chevelle still makes me laugh. We made it to the store safely but I did drive home as my mother was more nervous than she thought she'd be.

She didnt even put on the helmet when I drove home. :)

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