Jennifer Z

Mom's Taxi aka Bad A$$ Alert!


When I sit behind the wheel of my 1973 Chevy Camaro Z28 I get a feeling like no other. All the stresses of life are no longer as soon as I open the door. I purchased this beauty just a few years ago. When people give you a "thumbs up"- "nice car" and all the compliments it's just a great feeling know that I am driving around in a classic muscle car. I am a Mother of three children (ages 16, 19, and 24) and I am married to my best friend. We enjoy the local car shows. My boys want to drive "Mom's Taxi" but I refuse lol Although I am nice and let my husband, John, drive sometimes. The BEST moment so far is when I picked up my kids from high school--All I heard was "That's your mom?". A co-worker told me the next day that when "I got on it" on of the students stated "Bad Ass Alert"!

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    tony shnyder minnesota July 11, 2014 at 12:36
    great story!

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