Ed B 1956 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Convertible

Mom's T-Bird

For my first day of Kindergarten I was driven to school in a 1956 Fiesta Red Thunderbird by my Mom. She had bought the car that September as a 28th Birthday present to herself and to my Dad's surprise.The car took me to school over the years and was a part of the family. I took my drivers test in the T-Bird, rebuilt to engine in High School Auto Shop and went on my first date in that car. Mom continued to use the car for her daily drive to work and followed her to retirement in Las Vegas. When she passed away in 1999 I started the restoration in memory of her. While it has a hard life with the upstate New York winters it was restored to as the day she bought it in 1956. She had saved all of the purchase records including the loan contract, dealer bill of sale, registration forms, Ford 30-day warranty forms and even the deposit and first payment checks. At 62 I still have the same love for the car I did at 5 and it is an important part of my memories of a great Mom that really loved her Fiesta Red car.

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