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Mom’s COPO Story

In 1968, my Dad bought a new Corvette for my Mom, after sending me off to college. Unfortunately, it had a clutch that she couldn’t reach!

So, Dad gave it to me. At University of Maryland, I majored in waxing the car and driving it around Champs Drive in Catonsville. Soon I was academically dismissed. Dad told me to trade it in on an automatic my Mom could drive. Sport Chevrolet had a new 1969 427 COPO automatic on the showroom floor, so we traded it in even up! Mom had a lead foot!

Under COPO (Central Office Production Order), GM built special order cars. Code 9561 was built to compete with the Hemi Cuda in NHRA Drag Racing. Yenko Chevrolet received the first 201 of the 822 built, with only 193 automatics. Of these, number 43 is in front of you!

This Camaro helped Mom have her license revoked in NC for speeding — and my license revoked in Maryland in 1970 for street racing. We are the original owners!

Marriage required selling the car to super-wrench Ed Warren, who kept it for 35 years in his backyard. Ed sold it back, and the restoration began in Canada with Peter Klutt at Legendary Motorcar and finished at Burtonsville and Behe Performance.

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