Brian H 1965 Ford Mustang 2dr Fastback

Mid-Life Crisis? The Real Story!

I've been told I am going through a Mid-Life Crisis. I thought hard on the frequently used phrase & realized it is Not True!

What happens is, when you are a teenager, just starting out in life, you cannot afford to get the vehicle of your dreams. Then you fall in love, get married, have kids, & definitely cannot afford to get your dream car. Finally, the kids leave the nest, most everything is paid for, you have a good paying profession, & are saving more money with a surplus in the bank. Now you are older & find your dream car at a descent price. You buy it. This is not a Mid-life Crisis. Just good financial management & finding your Dream Car.

She started out as a coupe & had Her roof caved in. Not wanting to destroyed Her, She was built up around Her new powerhouse. This is what She looks like today...A One of a Kind!

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