Stephane P 1968 ford meteor


Here is a little story about a car

A 68 Ford Meteor

I got it from my brother and it took me to every places I know

One time I took this girl for a ride

On a hot summer day and she was by my side

We stop at this little river and we went for a dive


Maybelline, you showed me the way

To better days and still more to come

You fulfill my dreams, that I can say

On Saturdays we drove all night till dawn

Sweet Maybelline

As I go to see my friends

We decided to go at the drive in

I was with Norma, Gene and Marilyn

The show was call Miss Robinson

Wow, was she a great kind of a Women

And she liked everybody she knew


With my friends to the town we go

Good old songs playing on the radio

The night was young and the fun had just begun

Places we went with this old car

Music it brought to our guitars

That is why me and Gene called it Maybelline


Stéphane Poitras

Wrote this song about 20 years ago when my twin brother owned a 68 Meteor. I actually had a friend Gene that was dating a Marilyn but Norma was an add on to make the song interesting if you get where I was going with it. I now own a 65 VW dune buggy. A much smaller boat but plenty of fun to drive.

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