Orest L 1930 Ford Model A 2dr Victoria

Making a Convertible

In 1952 I was apprenticing at a Ford-Mercury dealership. As the older vehicles came in for trades I would buy the cheapest one. At the time

Model A's and early 1940 Fords were common trade-ins. May plan was always to buy the cheapest one with prices ranging from $80.00 to about

$120.00 fix it and try to sell it for more to move on to a newer for me vehicle. One day a 1930 Ford Vicky arrived on trade and I bought. It was

an original car with clean upholstery solid body and a pretty fair running engine. It was great for driving the girls around in the evenings and

later on to go gopher hunting. Long before rules on gun ownership, storage etc. The problem was that we had to shoot from a sitting position

and it occurred to us that standing up would be a better shooting position. So one evening we went to the farm and decided to fix the

problem. Using an axe we solved the problem and chopped the top out and went hunting. This proved great in good weather but it was

hard to find road companions in bad weather. With Fall arriving I abandoned the Vicky at the farm. I have had a number of Model T's and

Model A's since and have finally atoned for making a convertible out of a perfectly good Ford Vicky. About 40 years later I was able to purchase

another Ford Vicky and not chop out the top.

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