Dennis K 1959 Ford F-600

Making Memories - Bloody Knuckles Fire & Rescue Squad

Seven years ago our three children started blessing us with Grandchildren, and as the years went by there were more and more. Grandson followed Grandson, and eventually there were 6. My wife said, "We need to find something for all of these boys to do when they come to visit - let's get some playground equipment or a clubhouse or something." The wheels started turning in my head. Maybe this was my chance to slay two dragons at once. I've always had an interest in antique vehicles that are different, having previously owned a 1950 Pontiac hearse. This was my opportunity. Why buy playground equipment that the Grandkids will grow tired of? Why not buy something that will keep me . . . I mean them entertained, like a Fire Truck. After a few weeks, my wife began to soften to the idea, and I started shopping. I eventually found a small department that was getting rid of one of their older trucks - a 1959 Ford F-600 pumper.

The truck was in very good shape, but it needed to have a new identity. When our three children were growing up they had a backyard clubhouse that carried a sign on the front door "The Bloody Knuckles Gang." That was it. This new mobile play toy for the Grandkids would carry the name of "The Bloody Knuckles Fire and Rescue Squad." It's all our four Grandsons talk about. Riding in local parades has become a family tradition. Just recently we participated in a local parade, and the whole family piled on the back of the truck . . . and they had such a great time. Three months ago, we were blessed with our first Granddaughter, and by next year she will enter the ranks of Bloody Knuckles Firefighter.

All you have to do is ask the Grandkids - this sure is a lot more fun than playing on a backyard jungle gym!

This truck has also now been placed into service for use by a musical group that I direct - The Band Room Brass. For the first time last Christmas we loaded the band onto the back of the truck and participated in a local Christmas Parade. Not only is the truck making memories for the Grandkids . . . it's making great memories for Grandpa also!

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