Ralph C 1931 Ford Model A 2dr Tudor Sedan

Making It Sittable

When my wife and I first got married and having never been around the Dearborn, MI area, we would get in our car and get lost exploring. One night, we saw a Model A Ford and I was mesmerized. Because we were so excited, we followed the Model A into the parking lot of the Dearborn Inn by The Henry Ford complex. The parking lot was full of Model A's as it was the National Meet that year. Well, after seeing all those A's, we had to have one.

While visiting my wife's mother in Hillsdale, MI I saw a Model A in a gas station on the side of the building. We wondered if the owner would like to sell the car and so we asked the owners of the gas station who the owner was and if they had a phone number. We called and tracked the owner down and a half hour later, we were the proud owners of a car in desperate need of restoration.

We were so excited that we took the car to visit my mother and sisters at my mom's house. As you can tell from the picture, the car was in bad shape but ran like a top. The ceiling was falling down and the seats had holes with the material coming through the holes. When my mom saw the seats, she took the curtains that used to serve as a door to my bedroom when I was a child and made seat covers for us from them. After we had the flowered curtain covers, I took my mom and sisters for a ride as you can see in the picture. What a wonderful day and memory. I often think of my mom and the day we took her for a ride along with my sisters on our newly covered flowered seats.

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