JUDY M 1955 1st Series Chevrolet Pickup

Making Friends

My husband restored his 1955 Chevy Pickup to almost original(just a few minor changes) . This was the first restoration my husband had ever tackled. A Car Show came up in our area and he had to work that day so my husband asked me to take the Pickup to the first show! Wow what an honor! Very nervously I drove the truck to to the show not knowing what to do when I got there. I watched the other car owners and saw them cleaning on their vechicles. I had experience of cleaning a vehicle, so I started to clean it up for the judging. A very nice couple came up and started talking to me exclaming about the Truck and how great it looked. I explained how much time my husband had spent restoring the truck and all of the struggles he had with it but finally got the truck finished in 5 years. The couple stayed around the show all day and came back visiting with me until awards hour. My hard work cleaning paid off... I received the Trophy for Best of Show and Best Truck. Proudly I took that trophy home to my husband and it still sits in his garage with the truck. That day I made friends with a couple and we remained friends, visiting, dining out and going to other shows for several years until we moved. We now Facebook some. It was so nice for strangers to talk and for us to become friends for years and our families to get together.

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