David R 1962 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

Make My Day

On the last Saturday in September one of the small towns in our area closes the street through their quaint city's business district for a classic car show. It's gotten so popular over the years that they've found it necessary to limit the cars in the show to twenty-five years or older. I have an all-original 1962 red Corvette we've named Cherry. It's a driver that looks like a show car. Anyway a couple of years ago I was at the car show and among the hoard of people was a guy in an airline T-shirt viewing my car. So I introduced myself and told him I was a retired airline guy and we started talking about our careers. As we talked I noticed a young teenage girl that stood behind him and stared at our faces not looking away. So I asked him if she was his daughter? He replied that yes she indeed was his daughter, she's deaf, she just turned sixteen, they had just started letting her drive to school and she loves your Corvette. So I asked him if she would like to sit in the car so I could take her picture. My new acquaintance signed the question to her and her face lit up like a Christmas tree, with the cutest smile I've seen in a long time. So I lowered the hood and moved some show paraphernalia, opened the door and she got in the drivers seat. As soon as I closed the door her left arm went on the door and her right hand went to the top of the steering wheel; she assumed the pose without prompting. MAKE MY DAY. Seeing this young lady's face sitting in my car made all the skinned knuckles, sore muscles and problems with part suppliers all worthwhile. Last year she came back to the show with her dad who said she came to see Cherry and me and we look forward to seeing her again this year.

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