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I bought my 1977 Cobra 2 brand new when I was 19 years old. After years of driving, year around, she was getting tired. I either needed to do something with her or get rid of her. Well; after all those years, she had become a part of me so a fixer up was in order in 1999. Well; that fixer up lead to a full blown restoration, every nut, every bolt. We finished in 2001. My buddies and I did everything except the paint. She came out better that I ever imagined. After winning many trophies at different shows here and there, a Mustang Club of America, National Show came to our area. We took her there for three days and the car was well recieved. Judging came and that Sunday, she took MCA Gold. I can't tell you how proud I was. She still looks great a runs like a top. The included photo was taken last summer following The Lake Erie Mustang Owners Club's annual show. I have had many happy times with that car but that Gold Award topps them all.

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