Ryan H 1966 Porsche 911 2dr Coupe

Looks fast standing still

One warm summer weekend after washing my red 66' 911, I decided to take the car out for a cruse through the park to show her off. We have a great park system and lots of other folks seemed to think so too as the park roads were full of other cars and bikes and people enjoying the day.

Due to the crowd of people I was careful to keep things within the law as far as speed was concerned. The roads were twisty with lots of altitude changes and they just begged for a push on the big pedal, but I was good for the most part.

As I crested a hill with a big sweeper to the right, I saw an officer of the law sitting off to the side of the road and took a look at the speedo to make sure I was going the 25 mph limit and no more. I cruised by the officer with the flat six singing, but at the required rate of speed and looked in the rear-view to see him pulling out.

The officer fired up the lights on top of his car and I pulled to the side of the road. The cop walked up to my open window and told me I was speeding.

I told him I saw him from a good distance back and made sure I was going the limit and asked him if he had me on radar? He told me he did not have radar on, but it looked like I was going too fast and I proceeded to tell him that this car just looks fast even standing still.

The officer agreed and let me go with a warning to watch my rate of speed. I was off again, but decided not to press my luck in the crowded park system any longer.

It's tough when your car looks fast standing still!

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