Marc S

Long Hot Summer in a Brown 73 Camaro

So, the year is 1973 and the price of gas was going up and people were panicking over a fuel shortage. My parents had the great idea of buying a 1973, brown Camaro with a straight 6, standard transmission and to top it off, No AC!!!

But this story gets better, because in my parents wisdom, they decided to break the car in, we would take a family trip through the US. Shortly after July 4th of 1973, my parents with 2 sisters and myself started out across the country from Louisiana towards Texas. Of course being the boy, I got the pleasure of sitting on a pillow on the hump in the back between my 2 sisters.

From Texas, we went to New Mexico, Arizona (where I got Measles), California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and then back to Louisiana.

Let me tell you, that Brown Camaro with no AC got hot and we were always ready for the day to end so we could jump in the nearest pool to cool off. On the other hand, that little Camaro, did get great gas mileage for many years.

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