david h 1973 harley superglide

Lifetime love for the automobile!

Born and raised near Detroit. My dad would put me on his lap a let me steer his !952 chevy. So cars were always there. We lived near a race track. On saturday nights they ran the cars. I could hear them through my bedroom window. At twelve, my uncle gave me a 54 chevy. I would drive it in the field next to our house. At sixteen, I did the drivers education class, and became a legal state of Michigan motor vehicle operator. We had a real nice 63 Impala super sport. I did everything . that had anything to do with cars. The model building, then the slot cars, go-carts. Then after graduation, my dad co-signed a loan for a new car. I looked at many. It was 1970. The assortment of Detroit muscle cars was mind boggeling. But I ended up purchasing a1970 nova. Nothing fancy, but it was new.350 v/8 four speed, cranberry red. I modified it a little. Couldn't do a lot, I still had to drive it to work. I've had a lot of vehicles. Then I took a ride on a Harley Davidson. Been into them ever since. But I still miss my Nova!! Maybe I'll sell my bikes and get one.

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