Jim S 1964 Shelby Cobra 289 R&P 2dr Roadster

Let's drive it home

After a long search I found the 'right' 289 AC Cobra in San Antonio, TX. Arrangements made, I flew down to inspect the car. With everything in order I climbed in for the long drive back to Kansas City. The first day we stopped in Dallas for the night. Found a hotel with a well lighted parking lot, erected the soft top, installed the side curtains and went to bed.

At around midnight there is the sound of rain. Oh well, nothing I can do about that. A few minutes later the sound of hail hitting the hotel windows has me on my feet! HAIL! HAIL! That does not go well with aluminum bodies! Barely getting my pants on, I grab both bedspreads in the room and scramble toward the parking lot. I wrap the Cobra in the flowered bedspreads while being pelted by the hail myself.

In the morning I remove the soaked bedspreads to find only two small dents in the aluminum hood. I was relieved as this could have been a disaster.

I presented the two very wet queen bedspreads to housekeeping. I remember the strange look on her face...she must be thinking, "This guy must have a real problem!"

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