Ralph E 1966 Pontiac GTO 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Late Night at the Beach

It was a late summer evening at one of the local beaches in Connecticut. There was a slight chill in the air, the sky was clear, moon was out and beautiful 60's music was streaming from the dash. It was a perfect night to go parking with your favorite girl. So that is what we did. But this night had a few eventful happenings. First we couldn't find a nice place to park alway from all the others so we move closer to the beach than normal. Seemed like a nice spot. As things would happen, it kind of got a bit heated in the car and the windows steamed up. No problem right? Until the local police showed up knocking on the car windows. Mr. Policeman yells in at us, "what you two doing in there?" my answer without hesitation was 'developing film, what do you think we are dong". To which he replies you better move your car, the tide is coming in. So we move the car away from the beach more into the general parking area where we can sit talk while watching the surf and moon. Then my girl reminds me we have a midnight curfew. She must get home before her dad gets home. Yes we had a midnight curfew. No problem right, we are only a 10 minute drive back to her house, not so lucky. When we go to leave we find that the nice policeman locked the parking lot gate closed with a lock and chain.. Now we panic. How do we get the gate unlocked? Happily we can say a master lock is not indestructible, We beat the snot out of that lock with a tire iron like we were trying escape from prison. We made it home a bit late, but as luck would have it, her dad was a bit late as well.

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