Patrick M 1971 Chevrolet Nova SS 2dr Coupe

LAPD loves classic cars

In the late 80's I lived in West LA. I at the time had restored a 1971 Nova SS350 4 speed car. She was a real beauty. Black with a black bucket seat interior and the very rare console with gauges. She had some mods like an aluminum intake a big holly carb and a big cam.

So My wife and me and our Shiatsu Pugsy were driving in West LA on a nice sunny Saturday afternoon. We were at a stop light and on my right a LAPD car pulls up. The officer driving motioned to roll down the window. I asked my wife to roll it down. "your in trouble now" she said.

I was thinking he was thinking my exhaust was too loud. The officer asked "is that stock"?

Uhh "nope" I replied. "It is built a little".

"Lets see it" he said. Now thinking he wanted to look at my car I said "ok we can go up the street to the gas station"

"No, get on it" he said. I must have looked at him with a blank stare because he said "I am giving you permission. Lets see what it has but don't go crazy"

"Don't you dare" my wife said, "he will just pull you over, its a trap."

"No its not" I replied. "Hold on" She hugged Pugsy to her chest and braced herself.

When the light finally turned green I dumped the clutch at about 4000rpm and Screeeeth I was sideways one way then the other way then back again laying yards of rubber smoking up the intersection.

Now I do not condone this behavior on public streets but the police told me to do it and I always do what the police tell me ...uhem. So I hit second gear and more screetching and black marks and smoking rubber. I noticed that people walking on the sidewalks all stopped and stared

The Officer got in behind me as I topped second gear and blasted his siren and lights.

"I told you" Mary said thinking we were being pulled over. I let off and the officers pulled around me on the right and blasted past me while giving me the thumbs up!

I will never forget that day. A free public burn out. Eat your heart out Jay Leno! LOL

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