Bruce W 1972 Chevrolet Vega GT 2dr Sedan

Kent State Days 1980 - 83

My greatest memories were my College days. There were lots of fun times as well as many sleepless nights studying up all night with the books. I spent many of those nights with the coffee machine and my study partner and best friend till this day, Paul. We took turns car pooling to school back then, he drove an orange Chevy Vega GT which was his brothers. I thought that car was the greatest. I never could of imagined that 30 years later I would own one.

When I take the car to car shows, everyone has their favorite Vega story to tell. their usually horror stories... How they drove one all the way to California, the one that caught fire on the freeway.... well my favorite Vega story is one Ill never forget. One night in 1982 , we were studying at my friend Paul's house and I couldn't take any more Physics, I felt my head would explode if I tried to cram one more equation in there, so we took a break and went outside. While walking in the back corn field. I noticed sticking out of the weeds in the swamp an old rotted car.. I asked my friend Paul what that was and he said it was an old 1971 Vega that died that one of his brothers parked back there many years ago. we went to check it out.

This poor car was a rotted mess. there was nothing left of it. it looked like someone had picked parts off it at one time, the interior was eaten away by rats and there was hardly any body left on it. well I was determined to see if we could start it. We worked on that car for 3 hours till 3 am trying to start it. finally after jumping it and one last shot of starter fluid it fired up. we jumped in and took her for a ride. After doing donuts in the cornfield, we decided to take her on the road and see what it could do. Well there were no headlights so I pointed a large flashlight out the side to see were we were going. Top speed on this thing was about 35 MPH floored. There was no windshield, the floorboards were rotted so the exhaust fumes flooded the car. of coarse there were no brakes, there wasn't even a master cylinder so we had to slam it in revearse to slow it down. We never laughed so hard driving this thing. At one time , we even passed somebody on the road and they did a doubletake and stuck there head out the window like "what the ??"

Coming back I had a killer headache from the fumes, we parked the car back in the marsh and laughed about it all night. The funny part is about a month later , someone noticed the old Vega in the marsh was pointing the other way and couldn't figure it out.. that still remains a mystery to this day. we gave her life again for one last run before going back to its grave and eventually the crusher. Now I cherish the one I have.. but occasionally think back about the old rotted one we took for a ride that one night.

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