Alastair A 1967 Mercedes-Benz 230 4dr Sedan

Keeping the Family Jewels in the Barn.

Back in 1997 one of my brothers purchased a 1967 Mercedes 230 family sedan. It was a one owner car, purchased by a professor of Spanish literature at Oregon State University. He had been on sabbatical in Madrid, Spain during 1966 with his family and they decided to purchase a car to allow them to travel around Europe. They purchased that car on September 6, 1966; we still have the original documentation and all of the service records. Some of the stickers still on the car are from that year that the family spent in Europe.

The following summer the family returned to Oregon and brought the car with them. The next summer, 1968, the family drove the car down to to Mexico City for the Summer Olympics, the car received another sticker allowing them to enter Mexico.

In the 1997 the family decided to donate the car to charity and my brother bought it. Less than a year later my brother had moved to Portland and was maintaining the car and driving it regularly. Soon the car's life was about to enter another phase. My brother's employer moved him out of the country and the car went into storage at a friend's barn outside of town, that was January of 2000.

The car sat there till the summer of 2011 when my children and I towed a trailer from southern California to meet my brother at the farm. He was happy to have the car stay in the family and wanted to see it running again. We discovered the car covered in dust and had to evict the little four-footed residents. We loaded the car onto the trailer and drove the car back home.

We have spent the last four years cleaning, repairing and restoring the car to operational status. There is still plenty to do but we are able to drive the car regularly and enjoy its unique stilling and the thumbs up we receive when we drive it.

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