Mario d 1966 Rolls-Royce Phantom V HJ Mulliner 4dr Limousine

John Lennon Rolls Royce gipsie paint job

Back in the 80's was fanatic with cars for sale in the New York times sunday classified ads I purposely every Saturday night would make a trip from Yonkers to Manhattan to purchase the sunday news, a night before for next day news was kind of odd?

Here's the story: I found John Lennon's Rolls Phantom V yellow with flowers for sale for asking price of $100.000, another funny thing was that we share the same mechanic Victor from imported cars of Nyack NY. new the car well, what would be his opinion about the car, and he all ways joked about how piece of junk they were, and was too much money blah blah blah!

So I listened to him what a mistake, John Lennon got shot and the car went thru auction block sold for $3mil!


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